Lead Generation

eMiles is a powerful acquisition channel and list building tool. Our member-supplied profile includes data on everything from demographics to purchase intent. We cover up to 16 different categories including health, entertainment, pets, financial services and retail. With over 500 data points, you can build rich, highly targeted lists for future communications.

Customer Acquisition

With eMiles, you can put the right ad in front of a qualified buyer at the perfect point in the customer journey. The wealth of information we have on our members provides comprehensive data for more accurate targeting and customization of offers. 

Email Marketing

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter, according to McKinsey. Creating an email campaign with eMiles is incredibly cost-effective given our large member base and the segmentation capabilities offered by constantly updated information.

Advertising Testing

Need to know if your new ad will resonate with customers? Test new creative, conduct an A/B split campaign or try out different calls-to-action with eMiles members. You’ll get a robust answer and better insight into what works for your marketing.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is enjoying a renaissance as marketers discover print’s important role in bolstering an omnichannel strategy. After years of decline, print catalogs showed a 1% uptick in 2015 — a very modest increase, to be sure, but one that shows that print is far from dead. To consumers inundated with email, print can be a refreshing change.

eMiles has 843,000 postal addresses from members who have opted in to receive physical mail. As with our digital products, we can segment our membership base in hundreds of ways in order to refine targeting and enhance customized messaging.

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